Intercropping Zea mays with Stylosanthes guianensis better improves sustainable agropastoral productions in Sub-Saharan Africa


Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Ngaoundere-Cameroon

* : Corresponding author ; Email :; Phone : 00 237 699145141


             Several constraints hinder livestock development in Adamawa Cameroon, particularly the scarcity of pastures in dry season which causes transhumance practice that is source of agropastoral conflicts. In this respect, the effects of intercropping maize-forage plants on plants productivity were conducted. Randomized complete block design with 05 treatments (03 monocrops: maize; Stylosanthes guianensis and Brachiaria ruziziensis; 02 intercropping: maize-S. guianensis and maize–B. ruziziensis) and 03 replications were used. Development, growth and production parameters are studied. Results show that intercropping Z. mays-B. ruziziensis delays flowering and fruiting of maize plants. Maize seeds yield from monocrop and from intercropping with S. guianensis are respectively 1.5 fold and 1.44 fold higher than that from maize–B. ruziziensis intercropping. Overall, there is no significant effect between B. ruziziensis monocrop and maize–B. ruziziensis intercropping on B. ruziziensis growth. S. guianensis biomass from monocrop is 1.75 fold higher than that from intercropping with maize. Land Equivalent Ratio (LER) of maize-S. guianensis intercropping (1.51) is greater than that of maize–B. ruziziensis intercropping (1.30). The both studied intercropping systems are advantageous, but maize-S. guianensis intercropping system is the most benefic. By practicing maize-S. guianensis and maize–B. ruziziensis intercropping systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, we contribute not only to ensure food security, but also the rational management of cultivable land, the availability of forage and reduction of agropastoral conflicts while ensuring sustainable agriculture.

Key words: Forage plants, Zea mays, intercropping, productivity, Sub-Saharan Africa.

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